Tuesday, December 30, 2008

somebody is moving away in seven sleeps.

far, far away. 

she and i have been neighbors (of sorts) since 1999.  we lived in married housing in the same complex at university, where we each had our first child and our husbands entered the same major.  everyone wondered why there was a sign that said "rabbit" next to their front door. 

(there is no reason)

i was always comforted to look from my 3rd floor apartment into the windows of their first floor apartment and see the midnight oil burning there, too. (those animators and their hours) 

i always wondered, watching her inch her way from the car to the apartment after a brutal day of dialysis, if she'd be offended if I just carried her the rest of the way home. 

the week before we moved to L.A, we got to visit them in the hospital. she was finally well again! the only better going-away present than seeing that, was knowing that she'd be joining me in the big city before the end of the year.
our kids are just over a year apart. they say they're getting married. they talk about how her last name will change, and how it sounds pretty good that way. they fall asleep curled up in each other's arms, watching tv or playing games.   (we wonder if it's not actually a good thing they're being separated before they get a bit old for this sort of thing)

mostly, this is how we feel about the whole business:

my sweet youngest said, "i don't have a lot of money right now, but i'll save my allowance, and we'll come visit you."  

well we always did like the pacific northwest....

we'll miss you guys. 


Gurgy said...

It is so very hard to say goodby to good friends!

Catherine said...


It's already hard enough reading about your seperation from Nan and then you throw in a whammy like THAT!!!

You know that that picture BREAKS MY HEART every time I see it!!!

Nanette said...

I am so lucky to have a friend like you :)
We are sure missing you already

Penelope Crackers said...

Kristen! I come over to your blog to have fun when I'm feeling sick of cloudy Utah winter weather and find a rain cloud right over me once I began reading this. I moved away from you and Nan a year and a half ago and it feels like I'm moving all over again. SHeesh. So when are we all getting in a van and driving up that way? Give me a few months notice. I gotta save my pennies. :)