Monday, December 15, 2008

it is pouring down rain today. and was all last night. 
we got to school this morning and there was no power. 
no lights. no heat.
they were still having school. 
I sat in my car and glared at the buildings until I saw lights popping on in the classrooms about 1o minutes after the bell.  Glaring can
 work mighty miracles.

snatched this photo from Firefly Forest. Cause it's gawgeous. 

Saturday morning we went for a walk in the drizzle after breakfast and on the way back in Craig spotted a refrigerator box tucked in by the dumpsters.  It is now a giant fort in the center of the living room.  I have been informed it will be here until at least Christmas. The boys love it. 

Craig: "isn't this awesome?! Am I not the best Dad ever?"

Me: "it's very nice dear." 

Craig: "what? very nice? It's AMAZING! You're just mad because you won't fit through the entrance." 

note: this was not a dig on how rapidly my belly is increasing; he made the entrance just big enough for the boys to crawl into through their play-tunnel. Craig claims that he can fit through the tunnel... 
but every time he gets inside it takes him at least 10 minutes to get out again,  (I like to have proof - been saving this photo for months) by which time he has been peppered by rapid fire nerf ammunition from two sides and is declared "dead" before he could ever make it to the safety of the awesome fort. 

i'm just saying. 


DailyFamily said...

What is up with the crazy people running our schools? No electricity and they still have school?! I got up this morning and we are in the midst of a wind chill warning...they are telling people not to go outdoors unless necessary and then to keep all parts of your skin covered...but was school cancelled? NO!

Gurgy said...

Giant card board box = weeks of fun for the boys... all three of

Catherine said...

I can totally see you glaring at the school.

I'm surprised you took them even though there wasn't any electricity.

Pomona Noltes said...

So, I want to SEE this fort!

Kristen said...

well i didn't know there was no electricity until we got there!