Monday, February 26, 2007

Week 8's prompt was Something You Miss. My husband informed me that it would be very, very sad if I did a card about Chocolate. (I'll save that for August, and glue to my card the wrapper of my first candy bar. Mmmm, I can see it now...)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Robin has asked me to train with her for a half marathon which will be on Memorial Day. I said I'd do it! And then Craig said he'd do it with me! So we're buying ourselves some good running shoes tomorrow.

And I'm still not eating chocolate. Although today I have been pretty sure that if I had some, the world would be alright again. PMS, anyone?

And the "Lose 10 pounds before everyone else" challenge is currently being headed up by Nanette, who was already the smallest of us all. (grrr) I actually managed to gain a half pound last week... :) Hopefully this marathon training will do the trick!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here is my week 7 card - the prompt: SHOES

Friday, February 16, 2007

My week 6 card FINALLY! (the paint is still a tad smudgy. I have red fingertips.) This is my Grandma and Grandpa Houston. I remember as a kid, watching them in utter disbelief. People that old still get all smootchy? No way. Now of course I think it's lovely.

We went to see the Bridge to Tarabithia today, which I loved. Afterwards I let the boys play in the fountain outside. (it was a clear and sunny 82 degrees today!) Much fun had by all.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yesterday was my 6 month mark with no chocolate. I go between saying "Yay! I'm halfway through!" and saying. "I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH!!"

So I started my Week 6 card yesterday morning. (The theme is, naturally, LOVE) Sanded it and covered it in some Cadmium Red that I thought was very striking.
Haha for me, I did not know that oil paints take FOREVER to dry, so when my dh gets home from work he's lecturing me on getting into his paints, (grin) and also that cadmium is poisonus and I've had it all over my fingers all day. I was feeling rather low. But I'm not dead and while I wait STILL for my paint to dry, I thought I'd do some other projects:

Most of the patterns for these blocks can be found on Marcia Hohn's website, which I have a link to here on the blog, to the left - under Quilt Blocks Galore! I'm making a quilt for the little girl that I've been sitting for a few years. She'll be 4 in August - although I'm pretty sure she's not going to wait that long for the finished product. :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

In March Joss Whedon is releasing season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in comic book form. Recently in an interview (you can find links on his website, ) he said that it's set to run 25 issues, but likely will have many more.

Woo HOO! Am I excited? Am I a major geek? Yes, people. I cannot believe you did not realize that already. Or else you did realize that and were busy laughing behind your hands while I paraded around thinking I was fooling everyone.

Sometimes it's hard to say why you want something. For instance, I hate the belt, and the colors are too loud - I would never wear it. Really I wouldn't. But I would want to. Every single day. I would open my closet and WANT to wear this dress. And then I would think of a reason why I couldn't (that my dh would not be caught dead with me in it, for one) and pick something else and it would just hang there, adored and never worn. I hope that someone sees it and wants it who WOULD wear it. And I hope she feels fabulous in it! It's on ebay. The link won't copy but it's an easy find under "Green Plaid Empire Waist Dress".


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is there anything better than this? I didn't think so.

Okay so they're tights, not socks, but still they get a place on my blog. Karalenn's girls were too cute yesterday when they came by for a playdate! Yay for cute leg/foot wear!

Fletcher wanted a Star Wars birthday. He talked about it for weeks. We didn't have a party - just the family, but we got a fancy cake and hung a banner. Wednesday morning (the day after), Fletcher came stumbling into our room at 6:30 a.m. "Mommy!" He said through tears, "Connor says it's not my birthday any more!"

So it's been his birthday all week. I think it will probably be his birthday until we manage to finish the cake...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Week 5: "Ephemera from your week"

Took the boys to Disneyland on Saturday since it was the last time that Fletcher would be able to go for free. He turns 3 tomorrow! *sob!*

They got lollipops for dinner. (yes, i'm kidding. sorta) It was a really good day - lots of people but the lines were not crazy at all. I think the longest we spent in a line was about 30 minutes, and that was just at the very end of the day. We saw Minnie and Pluto as we were leaving and Fletcher insisted on offering each of them some of his lollipop. Minnie actually managed to make Fletcher think she had taken a bite. He came away satisfied.

I got a great pink cowgirl hat that I will wear for girls-night-out from now on. :)

And now we are all sick with sore throats and dripping noses. At least we went out with a bang, right?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I am just going to take a moment for some guiltless bragging and patting-self-on-back -ing. :) Because the world of fiction is changing ladies! And who will be the queen? That would be Stephenie Meyer.

I can now shamelessly credit at leat 25 people to my list of "I read this book because of Kristen" and I am enormously pleased with myself over it. (Steph, I'd like to be at least a Duchess in your little kingdom, whaddayathink?)

If you are a woman, and you have not read this book, your life is not what it could be! You are living a HALF life! An UNFULFILLED life! Now, don't be put off that it is a Young Adult book. Do NOT be put off that it is a vampire book. I have never read Anne Rice in my life, folks. This book, and it's sequel, "New Moon" are ..... I do not have words. Read them, and you can join me in praise-with-no-words-good-enough. You will not be sorry. You will call all of your friends. Trust me.

And I have met Stephenie Meyer and she deserves every little bit of her weeks on the Best Seller list. May she die rich and loved and happy. After she has written many, many more books.