Saturday, May 29, 2010


recipe found HERE.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Remember all those batik fabrics I posted....forever ago? Well I'm finally in the beginning stages of actually getting the project done!

I ordered an enlarged world map (see, there I am, for scale) :) and I've started outlining the continents onto wax paper - so I can make templates for applique.

The finished quilt will be about the same size as this map. I have all kinds of fun plans for it! And I figure it will probably take me until next summer to complete.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1. I was wrong. #2 started barfing in the middle of the night last night. guess he was sick after all.

2. he finally can get his hair into a ponytail. with the help of some gel. he was so thrilled - wore it to church like this on Sunday. he now feels that his awesomeness is complete.

this one is just eye candy.

and driving me crazy lately. trying to nurse every couple of hours when I would really love to just wean him, and dragging me around by my finger whenever he wants me to take him somewhere. which is often.

he will finally sit on my lap through a whole book though, so that's fun. and he's saying mama and cat. because what else would one ever need to say?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you think I'll get in trouble for this photo?

no not this one - (although, scary, right? i really need to get a nice one up. quick.)

this one.
it was HIS idea! I swear. and I didn't realize that fletch had taken them as separate photos until later, but it kind of works. you know in a why-does-that-lady-have-a-crazed-look-in-her-eyes? oh-that's-why kind of way.

the past few weeks have been foggy. Not the-weather-is-foggy foggy but my-brain-is-foggy foggy. How many sentences can I make in this post, do you think, with dashes between the words?

we have had two cars most of the month thanks to the Generosity of Friends, and craig's hours at work have been Worse than Ever Before (i think capitalizing Important Words is more fun than dashes. it's very AA Milne. Who was awesome.) However those hours are supposed to go back to normal very very soon (yes, i HAVE been saying this for several weeks now. this time it's the truth) and there will be much joy and rejoicing in the land.

the boy being gleefully strangled in the photo above is home sick today, with a yucky stomach. naturally his younger brother cannot abide going to school without him and as soon as he heard that his brother was sick he Declared a Sore Throat and Began Coughing Uncontrollably. i would have sent him to school anyway but i know that kid and he would have convinced them that he was dying and would have been sent right back.

It seems like everyone is sick right now.

Dear Everyone, Get Better Please. Love, Me

Hey guess what! I've been All Productive today:
2 dishloads of dishes
4 loads of laundry
cleaned off the balcony

and guess what? it hasn't seemed to do anything for the state of disarray in this apartment. GAH!

so I suppose I ought to go and trudge through some more. here I go! (can you FEEL the Enthusiasm?)

Friday, May 14, 2010

i know. I. KNOW. it's just that I'm so boring right now and I haven't taken any new pictures in weeks, and excuse excuse excuse.

I really need to post this one though: all of the Van Dyke cousins who were at grandpa DeLay's funeral in April:

minus one sibling's kids, and Stevie who couldn't come. Fletch was bummed about that. He adores Stevie. "He must really like me, Mom. Because he calls me 'sir'." Someday - maybe - we'll manage to get ALL of them together at once!

in other news, there is no other news because I am boring and have done my best to turn into a hermit. Craig's crazy hours, which were supposed to be done in March or April, are going through May. The only consolation being that the movie comes out in June so it has to stop sometime, right? RIGHT?!

The boys are terribly excited right now because the Father/Son campout is tonight and they are headed up to the canyons to explore and get dirty. All 3 of the boys were going to go this year but it looks like that won't happen after all (illness has infested the ranks) so it'll be me and the babe for the night and tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'm entertaining enough! I have borrowed some animal movies which will hopefully enthrall him. His first real word was "cat" after all. (although one day it sounded remarkably like he said "chocolate". That's my boy!)

I will try to be interesting v. soon. Wish me luck.

Monday, May 03, 2010

How proud am I?

My little sister painted this for an art class she's taking. It's very large - taller than my one year old - and it's an image from one of my Dad's favorite photos - of her when she was about 10. She gave it to him for his birthday in March.

He was terribly impressed, as were we all. All I've seen from her so far was anime! :) Way to go Nancy!