Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey guess what?! It's Craiger's birthday today. He's 33. 

Hi, honey! Happy Birthday! I love you!

so, so much.
This time of year is always a good time for entertainment. I do so dearly love to be entertained!  When Connor was a baby, we went to so many movies. The kid slept right through them all. For 9 months. It was fantastic. 
When Fletch was born, we barely had enough money to get by - movies were not even an option. So I have no idea how he would have done. 
With #3 here now, it's slightly impossible to take them all to see certain things that I want very much to see:

They want to see Origins, but I'm not letting them.  Which means Craig and I have to find a way to switch off. *sigh* 

And, do not mock me please, but I also want to see this one:
It just looks super cute to me.   I am fully prepared that it will also make me feel completely old and out of touch. *sigh. again*

Friday, April 24, 2009

This super cute pillow was in my latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  They said it was $30 at

The good news? It's actually $23. The bad news? you can't actually shop Pier 1 online. I have to go to the store. When, I ask you, am I going to manage to get out to Pier 1 to go pillow shopping?  

Having 3 kids at home is not a big deal. It's fine. It's the same adjustment one would expect with simply having a baby in the house. But the going-out part, the running-errands part; this has become far more complicated. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My love went back to work yesterday, after a month at home with me and the boys. 

I survived it - I even accomplished a few chores, besides doing homeschool and letting the boys get out to swim for an hour (it was 95 degrees yesterday!).  He did have to run out at 9:30 last night for me though.

Because we were completely out of diapers. 

But hey, so far so good.  

Now, if I can get more than two showers a week we'll have some real progress! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is the closest thing we've come to catching a smile. He throws 'em at us all the time though. Oh, man, he's so cute!
Last week Nanette and her family came down from seattle to visit us. we talked and hung out lots and it felt just like old times. I felt very loved. 


uh, nanette?


anybody? elle?

hmph.  kinda hard to compete with that kind of cute.

Friday, April 10, 2009

See my new blog header? That was a birthday present to me from my Very Dear Friend, Piglet! 

sorry, those quotes just roll out of me.... I mean, My Dear Friend Karalenn!  Thanks Kare! I love it. Now, if I can just figure out how to get those cute sheep all over my blog background.... ;)

You're awesome. 

Thursday, April 09, 2009

How can it already be a week into April?  It's almost Christmas! 

what a week - I'd post new photos of the love-bug but Daddy must have taken the camera to Disneyland with him today (it's a boys' day out, courtesy of friends visiting from Seattle).  

Our middle kiddo had to go to the dentist monday for some work and has felt crummy ever since. Not sure if he's got a separate virus or if he's allergic to something he's taking but the poor kid is all-over hives today. He just about lost it when we mentioned not going to Disneyland.  Have been praying all day that he's managing to be well and happy and have fun. Poor little guy.

With spring break this week and not having to take anyone anywhere I've managed to wear my pajamas most of the time, and do very little besides eat, feed baby, and change diapers.  It's nice, but at the same time I'm eager to be able to go out into the sunshine for some long walks. The spring weather here is just beautiful right now.

Happy, peaceful and contented. Looking forward to what spring has to offer.  Spring is when I feel most like sewing, and this year is no different. I'm fairly itching to get my fingers back on the fabric and my foot on the pedal. 

Saturday, April 04, 2009

no, this entry is not about how I have to drink bottled water when everyone else has Guarana at the local churascurria:

see his arm? see what he's still wearing? yeah - that's the hospital bracelet. 12 days later. 

totally cute. 

the very first thing I did when I got home was find a pair of scissors. daddy declares he's keeping the bracelet on for his whole vacation; because that is the reason for his vacation and he doesn't want to lose his focus or something. 

(again. cute.)  I heart him.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

many of you have already seen this photo, and are used to the horror.  I still get a chill whenever I look at it. ("no, no! I could never really look that bad, right?! it's somebody else...")

but Emily posted a "worst hair ever" question for her challenge this week - and I figure it can only do me good to be humbled every once in awhile. 

so this is for emily:

and yes, that IS me. it happened about two years ago.  when my mom saw the photo she said she would have passed me in the street and not known who I was. In fact, she said,  she would have not even thought I was female. 

We had all these big plans...

there was so much that we were going to get done over Daddy's 4 week vacation time. The boys were going to wrestle with him, and go to the park and the zoo, and take turns each week getting a Dad-and-Me day. 

but all we're really doing is sitting around and waiting for Van to open his eyes so we can turn into big puddles of lovey goo.  We're not getting anything done, and even the lack of dad-and-me time for the older kids isn't bugging them. They just want another turn holding the baby.

He's enthralled every single one of us.  (also, after about 5 minutes straight, he gets a little annoyed about the flashbulb on the camera...)

We're starting to get into a schedule - and he's sleeping really well at night thank heaven. Doesn't go to sleep until around midnight but then he sleeps until 7 or 8 with just one wake-up in between.  The mild sniffles that a few of us had when he was born seem to be going away with no sign of him getting sick (yay!) and as long as I stay down I'm also feeling really good. Overdid it a few days ago and really felt it the next day. Have been very careful since!  Thanks for all your comments asking for more pictures of the cutie - because that's pretty much all we're taking pictures of... :)