Monday, April 23, 2012

day one

somewhere in the middle

4 weeks

we love her
I love her

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Oh Yeah....

babies all smell the same. Perfect. I wonder if that's what heaven smells like?
at the end of the day I also smell - like sour milk.
baby girls can have a blowout out the back AND the front of the diaper.
at the same time.

having a newborn snuggle up to your shoulder and konk out is pretty much the best. thing. ever.
it's incredibly hard to put one down when they are sleeping. so much more fun to sit and stare at them than to accomplish anything around the house.
losing a pound a day is fun - even if you know it will stop long before you'd like it to.

and then there's that extra skin that you just cross your fingers will stick back to your muscle wall....whenever you manage to retrieve that muscle wall from wherever it is it went.
they DO smile. to heck with anything the professionals say.

Those 9 months, and those hours of labor?
Yeah. Worth it.