Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a couple of our gifts this year were home made. Craig bought a bunch of plain sketchbooks for his coworkers, and then embellished them with fun pictures and scrap papers (and stamps, ribbons, and brads from my stash). we had a lot of fun putting them together.

about a year or so ago, craig drew a picture of fletch's handprint inside of connor's inside of his own, and I kept it, and I finally did something with it for Craig. This one is embroidered and sewn onto another sketchbook, but I did another one, without filling in any of the shapes, on the back of a hoodie for him. He loved it. 
this week we're making a new budget (house, someday, please?) and organizing, and making resolutions. 

i LOVE making resolutions. 


Kristen and Ryan said...

Those all turned out AWESOME!

Gurgy said...

Wonderful ideas!... now can you stick to your resolutions? hehe I never seem to be able to sigh.

Catherine said...

Now I would like to see the actual hoodie, please.