Friday, December 26, 2008

I'll have to post photos all weekend - Nanette took some great ones for Christmas - but these particular ones just show off the theme in presents this year. :) 

Hannah got me this:

yes - it's a giant puffy sheep. fletcher can hardly even get his arms around it. 

and I made this for Nanette:

I made a basic design and then craig made it cute for me. the sheep looks properly forlorn, I think. 

We had Christmas with friends this year- since none of us were going home (it's so much better to visit our family in the summer) and we managed to have a great time. Craig wanted to do the tradition of sending everyone on scavenger hunts for gifts (my dad started that one when I was young) and I thought it'd  be fun if everyone's gift was a Nerf gun. 

Oh yeah. Pictures of that awesomeness later. 

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Sarah Smiles said...

Very nice!