Saturday, February 28, 2009

Played hooky from bed rest last night to go to my baby shower.  Many gushing thanks to the wonderful friends who put it on and those who came to help celebrate.

Betsey made an awesome diaper cake complete with accessories for our Winnie the Pooh crib. 

It was really nice to have sister Nancy there. The first time family has been able to be at a shower with me. She'll probably be here when we bless the baby, too - which will also be a first for my side of the family.  We've always lived so far away!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


... and other mature thoughts from a cranky pregnant woman who would rather not have spent 6 hours in the hospital just now. 

so yeah.

that was fun. 

also more than a little bit embarrassing because it was all (apparently) because I was dehydrated that the baby's heart rate was so high but then I was stressing out and extremely uncomfortable and so having a jolly ton of contractions which then became the main focus of the residents and instead of being there for 20 minutes it was SIX HOURS and now I'm home and would love to sleep but have been laying down for so long already that it just feels all wonky.

4 days of full bed rest until my "follow up" appt. on Monday.  Oh joy of joys.

am going to log off now and count my many, abundant, and unbelievable blessings and try to improve my miserable rat-faced attitude.  


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

for several months (because that's how I roll) I've had this stack of cut-up jeans that needed to be made into squares for a picnic blanket. Denim picnic/beach blankets are the BEST in my opinion, and so durable, etc. etc. 

so the other day I finally got to work and cut a bunch of 5 inch squares.  I got a stack big enough for the size blanket I wanted.

and my bag full of jeans scraps is still almost the same size as it was when I started! I'll probably be able to make up 3 or 4 quilted tops with the fabric I've got here. Perhaps I was a bit zealous, no? 

I have a couple of really cool Harry Potter patches to add to one of the blankets, too. Maybe I'll even have it done around the time that the 6th movie comes out.... :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I just don't know what to do!

This fantastic little capelet is on sale at Anthropologie.  And I could totally make one. I could even do that embroidery myself. But I could never make it for the low low price of $29.99 that they are selling it at.  It's wool. And the hours... 

anyway - the problem. We have a new budget and I've already blown through my allowance and it's a question of "can I REALLY not live without it or is my wanter just on overdrive right now?" 

I'm behind in my posting.  Possibly because the past two weeks I've pretty much put myself into a sugar-induced coma. Besides the chocolate chip cookies, v-day chocolates, and ice cream sundaes, there has been:

a vanilla-lemon valentine's cake. We HAD to make it, as the silicone heart-shaped cake pan was a gift from Elle. 
and then a pumpkin cheesecake, which was very scrumptious when eaten this way:

I have yet to make a cheesecake that did not crack terribly.  What is the secret? Also, how can a cheesecake be "light" when it calls for 5 eggs? I'm just wondering. 

Craig declared this week the start of a new diet for all, because he's trying to counteract my attempts to kill everyone with fat and sugar. 

hmph.  Just wanted to have a little fun before I die. (name that movie!) 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the new normal.

last week we went to long beach so connor and fletcher could take a lagoon class that is offered once a month for homeschool kids.  they got magnifiers and binoculars and then the teacher (whose name I have forgotten and whose awesomeness I never will) asked the kids what they wanted to do. 
"go across the bridge" yells fletcher.
"okay! we'll go across the bridge!" 
"study birds through the binoculars" yells connor
"great idea! we'll do that too!" 

and on it went until everyone was satisfied, and then off they went to explore. Nancy went with them across the bridge since fletcher does not swim and there were no rails on part of it. (thanks, kiddo) 

so far, I am very pleased with our decision to homeschool connor.   this week he has been studying ancient greece, the maya and aztec civilizations and the human bone system. besides the math and spelling and composition he has each day.  and he's having fun! it's not taking us as long as his 6 hour school day, and he has no homework. 

AND this is where I express my undying gratitude to Staci, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STACI!!) for hooking me up with other homeschool moms in the area, telling me about all the park days and fun classes going on, and putting up with me while I cancel plans over and over because of rain and sickness. I have really, really appreciated it. 

the one drawback has been that I forgot how quiet the apartment was for those 6 hours.... but fletcher is certainly happier to have his brother home when he gets back from preschool. because apparently I was terribly boring.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


NO.  (okay so this is an extreme shot. her hair is super-cute curly when it's treated right, but this shot served our purposes)  :)

yes! she had never had her hair straightened before and it was way fun to play with. 
I am now wishing that I had my own pair of peep toe shoes.... after we got back from shopping and I was thinking of cute stuff I wanted to buy for myself someday when I'm not quite so belly-heavy craig said, "No more talking about shopping! No more!" 

he's getting nervous. 

Monday, February 09, 2009

Dear Nanette;

so, it's been a month. you've been gone a month. Via email, phone, and Skype we've done a moderately good job of keeping in touch.  I can picture your house, although it's hard to picture you guys living in it. 
I can picture the weather there, and the terrain, and the trees.  (it helps to have been there before).   You'll have to do a better job at blogging though, or emailing photos.  And making lists of all the things you did each day and what you bought and what's for dinner..... 

well. maybe not that many details...

for awhile, I tossed around the idea of taking a photo of these 3 palm trees every day and posting it, so you could see what the weather was like here. (honestly, not so much to rub it in, I'm just a weather geek that way).  But most days it's just like the picture above. sometimes it's bluer. 
except this day - the day before our last storm:
it was cloudy. and I couldn't get the 3 palm trees, because someone parked in my way.  the jerk.

my belly is this big now. I told connor to take a photo.  this is the second one he took, because the first one was focused.... a little bit north of the bump. "erm, Con? we want to focus on the belly here, not the boobs."  
he hates it when I say that word.  he gets all embarrassed. "sorry mom, I'll try again."  He snapped the photo, pressed 'play' to see how it turned out, and handed over the camera with this apology - 
"I tried not to get your boobs in this one mom, but they're just right there."

now, for a girl who basically has none when she is not pregnant or nursing, this was not an unwelcome observation.  I let him play an extra day of video games for that comment last week. and promised to stop saying the b-word in front of him.  (although I slipped a few days later and was treated to a "mo-om.." in disgusted tones. whoops.  sorry.) he has since learned the term "mammary glands" from his science lesson on mammals.  he thinks it's fantastic. it makes me feel like a cow.  

Anyway - it's been a month! kind of a boring month on this side - much more going on up north with you guys; what with unpacking and getting settled and all that.  We all got sick, we all got better. Started homeschool. 
Nancy comes tomorrow- which I'm sure will spark a flurry of makeover posts. Poor kid. She just has no idea what I'm going to do to her... I expect a couple of weeks full of "shut up and try this on." "shut up and let me try this with your hair." "I don't care if you don't like it, it's cute." 

I wonder who will get sick of the bossiness first, Nancy or Craig?  

Miss you- 


Sunday, February 08, 2009

breakfast, anyone? 

hey now. judge not, people. 

i promise i had a bowl of cereal and part of a banana afterward.  

i just really, really needed the chocolate....

Friday, February 06, 2009

day 2.

a couple of friends stop by to help finish the cake. we hang a banner. i feel like i might actually be almost healthy again. fletcher spends the day in either his power rangers costume or his black spiderman costume.  he shows off all the new tricks he can do now that he's 5. (there is much summersaulting)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The 5th birthday - day 1

he always manages to drag his birthday out for nearly a week.  it must be his superpower. 
day 1 has been the party at school.  22 kids who all love cake.  awesome.
 we got a cake from costco - because they make the best of course - but he had to pick the most hideous design... 
I'm pretty sure that the thank-you hugs are his favorite part.  he just gets this smile. 

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

almost human.

i finally dragged myself to the doctor yesterday morning after 8 days of being sick sick sick. (which, to say, is not as severely as I thought I was) some surprises:

1. Pregnant women can take Robitussin. I wish I had known that last week.

2. Codeine is a cough suppressant. Also apparently it's the safest one for pregnant women.

3. Codeine is total crap.  it suppresses your cough by sucking every available ounce of fluid out of your body.  I think I drank 10 glasses of water last night. (all. night. long) But then it didn't clear my sinuses and, being unable to clear them, simply dried all the snot into cement so I couldn't breathe. 

so a $20 copay and a $10 pharmacy charge so I could have yet another miserable night and no I don't really care how whiny I sound thank you very much.  every time I cough I feel like the bones in my face are going to explode. the netti pot isn't even a match for these sinuses of death. 

the end. 

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

oh man.  ho boy. what do I do now? i have found the woman who was born to be my fairy godmother. who was born to be the other me in my other life. we even have the same name! 

(except, she does spell it improperly)

Her blog is HERE. and it is full of photos like this: 

i might die of bliss. 

you know, since this cold didn't manage to do me in. 

Monday, February 02, 2009

i know i already raved about it on my other blog, but this one gets more attention and i would not be doing my duty if i did not spread the wealth.

this miniseries is scrumptious.  if you're a jane austen fan, it's probably right up your alley. if you are female, it's probably right up your alley.  also, richard armitage is way more awesome in this than in that stupid robin hood series.  

"ack, my eyes! he's too awesome!" 

and you know, if anyone were wondering what to get kristen for her birthday this year...

new bean bag.  made it from a vintage italian duvet that I got at a yard sale for a whopping $5. 

oh yeah.

my 5 year old model shows off its size:

it's about the same size as the patchwork one I made for the Harry Potter room a couple of years ago: