Saturday, May 06, 2006

The next 6 Weeks will be very lonely and very busy and very crappy. I do not like to be busy. Slow, rambling spring days are my cup of tea (or hot chocolate, as the case may be). I guess I've always had this idea that being busy means you weren't properly prepared. Which I am not. For anything. Ever.

Unless it's packing. Then I over prepare, over-pack, and make my husband miserable because he has to carry all my suitcases.

My 5 year old son starts Soccer on Tuesday. We have 6 weeks to finish 13 weeks worth of Kindergarten. My husband is working 12 hour days and 8 hour Saturdays until Zoom Academy and My Super Ex-girlfriend both wrap.

But when the 6 weeks are over life should take a marvellous turn for the better.

It even looks like my dh may be caving in to the "Weaverville on the 4th of July" idea.


Thank goodness for me, the weather is BEAUTIFUL outside and I have lots and lots of reading material to get me through the lonely times.

Crossing my Fingers. Kris