Thursday, August 30, 2007

grandma van dyke visited us for a couple of weeks this month. fletcher really really enjoyed her glasses. "just like harry potter, right mommy?"

uh, yeah.

we flagged down a beach-walking board seller today and got connor a boogie board.

he ate it quite a few times but before we left he and elle were both pros, and having way to much fun.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Well the people have spoken.
The shoes are ugly.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

These shoes are $100 at Gap's new shoestore, whose name I have already forgotten. "Lime" something. Or something-"lime".

Or something.

I cannot decide if these are the cutest shoes I've ever seen, or if they are so hideous they should all be destroyed before anyone can ever wear them. My issue is with the strange piece that changes it from an inspiring gray pump into a slightly confusing ankle boot.

With what would you wear these shoes? I ask you!

Seriously, I need to know. Because if there is something cute enough, that could pull these shoes off, I might have to buy it....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chocolate = Evil

I've got so many spots on my face that I could pass for a space alien on Star Trek. I wouldn't be as cute as Dax, though. (we can't all...)

Off to get a bit of self control.

After I have another caramel.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I just wanted to post this, and give everyone else a chance to feel the joy that I felt when my eyes beheld this wonder. A woman could not walk out in this dress and NOT feel like a million dollars. The neckline! The kick pleats!

It's on ebay. No it's not my size or obviously I would have purchased it and these pictures would be of ME. It's a 36 bust and 28 waist. (and yes, i DO wish that was my size) ;) There are more pix on the product page, click the picture for polka-dot bliss.

This is a picture of the Hoh rainforest in Washington, near LaPush.
Here there be monsters.

Having another girls' night on Saturday to go to Stephenie Meyers' book signing for Eclipse. It's going to be wicked fun.

And speaking of Wicked ;) I'm taking my mother in law tomorrow! Yes, I get to see it again! Is there a luckier girl than me? Nothereisnot.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

sorry the picture is blurry. This is last week's card from Emily's "No Regrets" prompt. I cannot tell you how many people discouraged me from getting married. Everyone said I was too young. I think even my Dad thought so.

But I've always looked at it as the best decision I ever made, since day 1. This man is my superhero.

9 years next month!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saw Stardust on Saturday and loved it. I am totally sewing Tristan Thorn's outfit and forcing my husband to wear it for Halloween one of these years. :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I finished the top! Now I just have to pin it. I was going to tie it with tiny purple ribbon, but now I have this huge desire to hand quilt it, but I don't want it to take me forEVER and I totally know it will...... what to do?!

We went to the Skirball Center yesterday and hung out with Noah's Ark. The boys had lots of fun and good times.

I know, I know. Now I'm just showing off.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I told them to make a grumpy face. This picture is one of my favorites of them. Can you believe my big guy is turning SEVEN?! It makes me so proud to see what a loving kid he is, and so thoughtful. And it makes me so sad to see how fast he is growing! Already I'm counting how many years left until he leaves the house and it's not enough!

He's nervous about starting public school this year. He'll be in 2nd grade! (deep breaths) I know that it will be more fun than he is imagining, but still I don't know what to do to help with the nervousness. It's not like I'm all calm about it myself...

Friday, August 03, 2007

The first 6 tree skirt blocks are coming along nicely! Just two more layers and then we start the next 6 blocks, which will have darks on the top horizontaly instead of vertically. It's gonna look sweet!

Got the 9 blocks for Mason's lap quilt done. She kept saying she wanted it as big as her bed.... yah that's so not going to happen.

I've got them sewn here horizontally, and I'll put sashing between the rows in that dark purple that you can see in the bottom middle block. Then outline the whole thing in a triple layer sashing of dark purple-white-dark purple. Then I'll need to find a good border and binding. Which I have to go to the store for. Hope to heaven I can find a matching fabric. One of these is bound to be in stock, no?

This is a story about a boy who could not eat anything, anything, without getting it all over his face. This little boy would get very embarrased whenever his mom would mention this Superpower of his. Embarrassment, however, has not stopped food-face-ness from being a fact. A cold. Hard. Fact.

He doesn't mean it. It's not on purpose. So far, it can't be stopped.

Warning to future wife: better start putting cloth napkins in that hope chest now.....

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good grief I said what happened! You can SEE what happened. The kid got stitches!!

alright alright! he was running at the park and slipped on a sandy patch of sidewalk and came down on his left side on the edge of a park bench. pushed his cheek up into his teeth and he punctured himself just beautifully . Luckily for me there was not much blood after the first couple of compresses. I'm sure if I had lost it, he would not have done so well.

Poor kid fell asleep on me after his initial cry - which was surprisingly short. And then the only other time he cried was when they gave him the novicane shot. Doctor told him "if you count to 10 then it will be all over" and so he's screaming at the top of his lungs because of the shot and still trying to count. Broke. My. Heart. He laid very still for the stitching, and got lots of compliments.

Grateful thanks to Nan for taking care of me, Hannah for taking care of the kids, and Rachel for the toy. None of which we could have done without.

3 Years Old
3 Hours in the ER
3 Stitches