Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am so glad for the weekend to be here! Both boys got sick the last couple days of school and refused to stay home because they would miss the Christmas parties. Now all 4 of us are mega sick (poor Craig still has to work today) and I'm just crossing my fingers that we'll be human again for Christmas itself. 

Made these cookies the other day (recipe from Pioneer Woman, link is on my sidebar) and they were relatively easy to make (more complicated than choc. chip, easier than sugar cookies) and the kids had a lot of fun dunking 'em in white chocolate and rolling 'em in peppermint.  They look really cute too.  I suggest you try them out. :)


Sharon said...

they do look good, we are doing our Christmas caroling tonight, in the bitter cold and snow.

Catherine said...

You said to "try them out", however, I can't seem to get them through the computer screen.