Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So no, this is not my CSA box, because I was mostly through organizing mine before I thought "oh, I should have taken a photo."


We got our first box this week from our new CSA folks (it's been just over a year since we've done it) and we got green beans, bok choy, basil, tomatoes, onion, jalapenos, potatoes, radishes, grapes, honey dew, squash, and eggplant (that last one is considered the devil by my dh, so we ever so kindly gave them to friends).

I am excited to 1) begin to actually learn what grows in what seasons, and eat appropriately, 2) eat fruits and veggies that I know are local and organic and 3) introduce my children to things they may not otherwise eat and find with them fun recipes to use.

I have already cut up the basket of cherry tomatoes and roasted them slowly with olive oil and salt. (smell. so. good.) They are in the fridge awaiting a tomato/basil/pasta dish that will be made this week!

And tonight - we make SALSA! yay!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I don't think it's cravings, I think it's just that it's September and I love Autumn (I really insist that we change the rules of grammar so that the seasons get capitalized. Who's with me?!) so much - I cannot seem to think about ANYTHING ELSE right now...

And I keep reading blogs where people are so close to farms and orchards
( http://soulemama.com/ ; http://www.embers.typepad.com/ ) and I'm heinously jealous because our Pick Your Own farms here are a little bit pathetic and I haven't been blackberry picking since I left my hometown in 1997!

Anyway, Apple Pie.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice if I updated my blog more often than once a month? Yeah, I think so too. However, it is difficult to

1) think of anything interesting or profound
2) craft anything fun or creative

When all you feel like doing is camping out in the bathroom with a towel on the floor in case you can't make it to the toilet in time.

Now, that isn't how it's BEEN, just how I've FELT. And thankfully, the sickness seems to be abating rapidly at this point. I'm still tired a lot, and I can't eat much. But I'm not clutching my stomach while I moan in bed any more so that's a plus!

My due date is April 4 - which means we're looking at around March 21 unless this baby is The Great Anomaly. We probably won't find out what it is (a baby!) until Thanksgiving.

So please put up with my absence for a couple more weeks! In the mean time, I thank Dream Dinners for allowing my family to be fed more than cereal and ice cream while I am busy with food aversions. Also my husband, who has stepped up to the plate while also teaching early morning Seminary classes at 5:50 a.m. He's the best.