Friday, December 12, 2008

more Christmasy

On Thursday night we went to our friends' house and made graham cracker christmas houses. Fletch focused on making a small house, super fast. He was intent on getting done quick so he could just walk around the table and eat the goods. (there was a lot of candy!)

Con turned his into kind of a treasure chest. And filled the inside completely with candy. Why decorate the outside? It's what's inside that counts...
I made a trailer. It fell completely apart about 2 minutes after this photo was taken. 
There must have been a tornado.

And Craig made this:

Oh sorry! I mean, THIS:

Complete with an angel Moroni statue on top. 



Maxine said...

Okay, no joke: We were discussing what kind of gingerbread house we should make for a little contest that is no longer happening (thanks a lot, New Zealand), and I totally wanted to make a trailer! And then Collin wanted to make the White House (which, architecturally speaking, I would equate to a temple). You guys are awesome!

Gurgy said...

Love the way your boys think, they are so very different from each other lol.


Catherine said...

You are SO FUNNY!!! And what I love even more is that you not only write that way... you talk that way too!