Friday, January 02, 2009

sure, I've got some. mostly the "improve myself and my quality of life" ones, you know the drill. But I also wanted to pick one that would keep me on my toes all year; keep me with those resolutions in mind in March, and June, and November.  So I'm giving up soda for the year.

This will not be hard for me. 

I don't love soda, and I don't have the Diet Coke addiction that seems to be plaguing every other person on the planet. But I do drink it, whenever we go out and at parties and stuff. But why? I hardly even like it. The only hard time, I suspect, will be when we go out to pizza. Because what pizza is complete without a root beer? 

my "big" resolution is to get organized and stay that way. Since we went through the boys room like a whirlwind back in November that room has stayed tidy. And I've been doing a darn good job keeping the living room's flat surfaces clean of "stuff".  (the kitchen table, i still need to work on). Today I've been organizing in my bedroom, which is the Master Pit of All Things That Don't Have a Place.  

They shall, from henceforth, have a place.  

I don't have much choice, really. In February one of my sisters is coming to live with us for 4 months and then I'm having baby #3 in March/April (march, please march) and we are simply going to have to keep this place organized if any of us want to be sane in our 2 bedroom apartment. 

So there it stands! Wish me luck!  What are your resolutions?


Kristen and Ryan said...

Ryan gave up soda in 2008. When the ball dropped He was so happy to have his Martinelli's!

I need to write down my resolutions!

Gurgy said...

Exercise more! After of course I am off of my crutches lol.

Catherine said...

I refuse to say outloud (or put into print) what my resolutions are because, undoubtedly, someone will make me accountable to them and I can't handle that sort of pressure!!!

Pomona Noltes said...

Your soda resolution (because it is not hard for you)reminds me of Ella's for last year which was not to kill anyone. I love your organization photo...nice job!