Saturday, December 27, 2008

probably everyone's highlight from christmas day was the nerf-gun war we all had. Fletcher got a fully automatic "machine gun" from santa this year and had loads of fun popping everyone with that beauty:

there were a couple of interesting hits:

and the big kids hunkered down in the fort and massacred anyone who came near. 
we played 4 rounds I think, timed so that there were breaks for reloading and stealing everyone else's ammunition.  after we declared the war to be over though, the guys continued on for a good 15 minutes or so...  :) 
awwww. I like this guy.


Kristen and Ryan said...

How fun!

Gurgy said...

That sounds like you guys had a ton of fun, I want one like Fletcher has hehe... We may have to institute nerf wars down here!

Sarah Smiles said...

Hey ! This is Sarah Eich. Remember me from Wymount?