Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And, another blanket. This one has a nice soft flannel on the back and the sides of the front, and a gorgeous orange-and-black Michael Miller cotton print on the front.

I edged the cotton panel with black lace, because I could. One more stash-only project!
Of course, to celebrate, I bought a couple of yards of Minky on sale yesterday.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's fuzzy, but there you go. 34 weeks. We'll see how long we can get her to stay in there. She's already trying to get me to go to the hospital. I resist. Have an appointment tomorrow, we'll see what he says. Hopefully it won't be "bed rest for you, darling". (Yes, he says darling. In his Irish accent. It's awesome)
Update - "all's well dahling, business as usual". The contractions aren't doing anything so far besides make me uncomfortable.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The insanity contintues!

I made another outfit today, using a bunch of free patterns from the internet.

Here are the links: Shoes, Diaper Cover, Dress, Bonnet

If it's too small for the 4th of July, it will certainly work for Memorial Day!

Baby Blanket!

A few years ago, I found this end table cover - crocheted or tatted or however it was made - at a yard sale. It came with a table runner/piano cover that I've been using as a scarf. I thought that eventually I'd use it as part of a bohemian style skirt or something BUT - this is much much better!

First, I wove some pretty ribbon through the lace - it's blue because blue is what I had on hand (I didn't have to purchase anything for this blanket! I had everything at home already)

My friend Betsey (who just had her baby a few days ago! Yay Betsey!) gave me this vintage calico print. I love it. Craig hates it. I win.

I made a super simple baby blanket by layering batting, then the calico right side up, another layer of calico right side down, and then sewing around the edges and leaving a hole for turning inside out. Then I sewed the hole shut and sewed again about half an inch inside the border all the way around.
Last, I layered the lacey cover on one side of the blanket and used my walking foot to quilt it onto the blanket. It was a very quick project, and I love the victorian vintage look!!


Monday, February 20, 2012


a men's shirt, given to me by our neighbor. She asked if I thought I could do anything with the fabric. Well, it's a pretty hideous color but I had some old lace on hand, handmade by a friend's grandmother, and I thought they might go well together.

Enter Simplicity 8761, from 1970, which I found in my mother in law's garage several months ago.


Thursday, February 02, 2012

All about the baby. (Just don't tell him I still call him that - he gets mad)

This pic was taken by Craig's Aunt Pam, who visited us at the start of the year. She got a tour of DreamWorks while the big boys were in school.
Trying out the goggles. He made that face on purpose.

The arrival of "wolf friend". Wolf friend came into our lives after I got desperate for him to go to sleep one night and decided to tell him a wonderful story about himself. And his little wolf. And the train that they rode together to have great adventures.

I had to buy the wolf the next day.

Pondering the greater meaning of life.

Self portrait.

Naturally this is MY favorite...
So happy when he got big enough to hang out with Hannah's cat and have her not run away. Bliss.
Unfortunately, shortly after this photo was taken, sweet Chiquita left us (she was an old kitty) and now Van has a new kitty to woo. I'm sure she'll get used to him....