Wednesday, December 10, 2008

now that I am so old (having 30 staring me in the face is more disconcerting than I would have imagined) I find myself thinking about how I look (not unusual, I confess) and how I'm aging and what style (not too young, not matronly) I want to adopt to save my closet from being the eclectic mess that it has been for so long. 

part of me likes that I have so many different things in my closet. I could dress for hiking, or church, or the park, or a flower child gathering without much thought.  my favorite fall-back in high school and college was a white top and pinstripes - which have definitely gone by the wayside since I had kids - and I do miss that. 

what am I getting at?  the other day I suddenly wondered why my likes and staples seemed to have undergone such a change in recent years. I thought perhaps being in the city had "corrupted" me - made me more style-conscious and designer-conscious and vain about wearing clothes that were in style.  But then I looked over my search engine and realized it's not me it's my location.  For example: 

a white blouse. I love white blouses. Love. Them. And this one is gorgeous. (From Forever 21) And I would have gazed wistfully at it ten years ago and then purchased something that was still white, but less easily stained and more easily washed.  I lived in the mountains, for heaven's sake.  I could wear this now - to girls' night and on a date - (okay, I would wear it pretty much anywhere; I don't need an occasion to dress up. that's just how I am) and I wouldn't worry so much about it getting dirty or having to ship it 45 miles away to the cleaners. Because there is a cleaner on every corner here. 

and these:
yeah. I love 'em. Victorian, black, high boots.  Yum.  I would NEVER EVER have purchased these when I lived in Weaverville and Redding.  They would get wet! Muddy! I would be laughed off the street.  Now?  I'm itching to buy them even as I type. (thanks,

I've always liked plaid and this would probably have been okay for say, church back home - although now, in near winter, it would have to be worn with boots which for this much eye candy might be a bit of overkill. (note, these "city clothes" I did not put here to be an outfit. I'm not that flamboyant. They're just things I've liked recently)  Here in LA there isn't really a time when I simply could not wear this skirt and be warm enough. (skirt's also Forever 21)

Which is why back home my wardrobe more closely matched the simpler cuts and blander colors that come with corduroy and wool and cold, cold weather and wet mud and snow:
super cute skirt. I love it. I could still wear it here. But I'd rather wear the plaid one. :) forgot where I found the picture. I think on amazon...

boots that can get dirty, and have a low low heel for walking in dirt/mud/snow. (zappos again) Jeans can be tucked in and skirted legs can be kept warm. Much more practical than the ones above.

I had tons of sweaters just like this one (victoria's secret). I love cowl necks. I can wear them here for about 3 months out of the year. They are just too hot! But back home, I'd be wearing this, with a long sleeved shirt underneath, and a coat over the top!

I guess this whole super-long post was just to reassure myself that the city hasn't changed me so much as I've simply got more options here.   It's nice to have options - to be able to purchase things from the summer-sale rack in December and know that I could probably wear them next week. Not that I would wear summer clothes in WINTER.  How tacky. 

(kidding! I'm kidding.)

Of course, this little trip down City vs. Country Lane hasn't much helped me decide what style I'd like to adopt with some permanence.  Maybe my closet is destined to remain as scattered as my thoughts and habits and hobbies.  



Gurgy said...

I happen to love your style, and I adore those victorian boots, remember my little white pair of ankle ones that you guys all used to steal from me until you outgrew them? Thank goodness for my small feet!


Nancy H. said...

I can't wait to go shopping down there! XD

Goldthorpe Family! said...

I am WAY in love with those boots.

Catherine said...

How strange!

Just last night I was considering MY personal style. As a matter of fact, there was this commercial on TV when I was in my early twenties that said, "By the time you reach your mid twenties your personal style has been determined."

It really freaked me out. I thought, "OH CRAP! I don't have much time left to get this right!"

I've been trying for the last decade and a half to try to figure it out and I still haven't come up with anything!

So, my natural conclusion to the commercial was... the commercial was wrong! It's totally fine to continue to adapt and grow and change and experiment! HAVE FUN!!!

DailyFamily said...

Gracious! If you're old, there's no hope for me.

Erin said...

Here's to eclectic wardrobes, my closet would be empty without it & my husband would have a lot fewer snide remarks to say.