Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And a big relieved sigh. Christmas is over. I am never shopping again. (okay that's a giant LIE since I've already been out shopping today. Oh well)

Fletcher and Connor have been watching new movies, playing new games, and making sound effects with new toys all long-weekend. Connor is carting his new Star Wars blanket all over the apartment and Fletcher is hitting birdies (with alarming accuracy) at everybody's heads.

On Christmas Eve, we're sitting in church, and it's rather quiet because the sacrament is being passed (that's the bread and water, if there are actually any non-mormons or non-relatives who read this blog.) Not really 'rather', more like 'completely'. It's silent.

Fletcher: "Mommy, my penis is hurting!"

I am not kidding.

Connor has started taking piano lessons and is enjoying it. He reminded me that I had my own instrument to practice and I dug out the violin, only to pop an E string while I tried to tune it. Nanette was kind enough to buy me a new string for christmas, along with a music stand. But when I opened the package it was not an E-string but a G-string. (yes, THAT kind) Haha. She has the actual instrumental version at her place, I'll have to pick it up this week. Silly girl ;)

Christmas with no chocolate wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was simply devoid of warmth and happiness is all. I can deal.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I would like to introduce you to Elder Mills. He is from Arizona, and he's going home on Saturday. Everyone is going to miss him a ton. He's a great missionary and an awesome guy.

Connor was really bummed to hear that he was going home, but he tearfully admitted that Elder Mills was probably pretty happy to be seeing his own family again.

I hope my kids are as good as this kid, when they grow up.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I think I was five or six when I walked into the bathroom where my mom was curling her hair and asked if there REALLY was a Santa Claus. She was not one for deception and asked me what I thought. Well I thought there probably wasn't. And then her sister, my aunt, forbade me to tell my cousin EVER. But I'm pretty sure Tisha figured it out eventually.

The point is, I always expected to be like my mother. To be no-nonsense about it all, and to approach Santa as a fun idea, part of the Christmas spirit, blah blah. But somehow my six year old believes so firmly in Santa Claus that I am actually fearful of the day that he discovers the truth. I think I've actually TOLD him that Santa isn't real, some years ago, but obviously he does not remember that. And now my two year old is following suit with equal enthusiasm. I am raising Santa zealots. How did this happen?

Friday, December 08, 2006

I took nearly a dozen photos of the boys in Daddy's church shirts and ties - here's one. I've got to pick my favorite and send it out with Christmas cards. Or AS Christmas cards. I'd better hurry up....!

Do you like my skirt?

Thanks! Me too! I made it. Bragging you say? Not ME!

I got this fabric from the clearance rack at JoAnn. It was a printed circle skirt pattern, right on the fabric. The panel cost me all of $4. It's very twirly. tee hee!

I'm working on a camoflauge skirt that I have high hopes for. I'll post pics, of course!

Thank you Connor, for being my photographer.