Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I took a couple of photos of the fort, and then was informed that they did not properly display the awesomeness of the boys' labors. So Craig grabbed the camera from me and took some photos while I blogged: 
(excuse the mess)

this one window can be opened and shut at will. optimal for shooting one's enemies. 
I am also supposed to inform you that the fort is not completed yet. There are several foam board pieces they are trying to figure out how to use (thank you, refrigerator packing) and apparently it is also going to be painted.  Camouflage
and there you have it.

whenever I move it into a corner out of the way I get scolded by my 4 year old, who then drags it back into the center of the living room.   *sigh*


Gurgy said...

ROFLMAO... just think you could just buy them something for their fort for xmas... hmmmmm maybe I will have to think on that idea...


DailyFamily said...

At least the counting down the days and hours until Christmas will pass more quickly for your boys.

Catherine said...

I LOVE having a huge box like that to make cool things with with the boys, however, they DO tend to take up A LOT of space!

The tunnel is an especially nice touch. I'll have to show Zach and Noah.