Monday, December 17, 2012

Life with four children is so busy. I never expected to skip out on my blog for 6 months; never expected to spend so much time getting ready to go to the next thing, the next activity, school... It takes so long just to get ready.

This picture of my bay-bah was taken months ago. I haven't downloaded any images from my phone for months, because my computer died (read: I spilled cereal all over the keyboard) and I haven't bothered trying to figure out my husband's computer as far as images etc. 

But I emailed a couple to myself and so I can add them to this post, irrelevant as they may be.

Hey, us. We look happy. Hooray!

So, like I do at the end of every year (I love myself some resolutions), I have been thinking of what things I can improve on. And, the list is looking pretty much the same as it does every year. With a heavy *ha, you'll see why that's funny in a second* emphasis on losing the baby weight. (see? funny.)

Today I found myself walking through Target, tossing candy into my cart, thinking,  "man, I gotta work out more, and eat really well. Starting like, NOW". And then I looked in my cart. Oy - what is WRONG with me??

Any resolutions out there? Whatcha gonna get better at this year? Being in the Young Women's program at church (clarification, I am an ADVISOR, not actually a young woman..y'all knew that, right?)  :) I have noticed that the "Personal Progress" program really emphasises constant improvement and constant working toward goals. I have been dismayed to conclude that I'm pretty sure my personal growth, especially spiritual, has been stagnant for some years.

Gettin' on that!