Wednesday, January 23, 2008

all this special V-Day posting has me feeling excessively generic. i mean, stuff has happened, you know? and nobody gets to hear about it. how sad for you all.

so here i am giving you a bit of my January. i made a lot of lists, as per usual. normal ones like grocery lists and things to do today lists, but also a couple of motivating ones like:

Projects, 2008. You'll notice that Robin's Christmas present is on there, as well as her daughter's quilt, which was supposed to be a birthday present. last august.

and ones like this next one, which, now that I think about it, I kinda hope you can't read - maybe just do me a favor and not enlarge the picture, eh? It's called, "Things that Must be Done in Order To Be Happy" which is mostly my whole, 'get this done, girl, or you are never going to feel good about yourself' which, i realize is slightly unhealthy but seriously! I. Need. A. Motivator.

All that shiny stuff in the bowl? yeah, that's fat. floating on top of my chicken noodle soup. i may never be able to bring myself to eat cns again. and that, folks, is saying something.
here's the REAL picture of Connor's famous cake:

It was so good. I kindof want to cry just thinking about it. I don't think I actually ate a real meal the next day. Just cake. (hey, if stephanie plum can do it, so can I)
Poor sweet boy has been sick all week with a lungs-thing and hasn't been able to go to school. he's really not very broken up about it.

And This:

this is why I'm addicted to eBay. my go-to search? 50's dress pattern.
And that white one up there, on the right?
You guessed it, it's a Marian Martin.



Nanette said...

Before I read the caption, I thought you had just found another elegant cake photo for your blog, but NO! You made that amazing looking cake yourself! Wow! It's too bad you're all sick and I can't help you eat it :)

Erin said...

I love lists, just simply love them.

Hot Chocolate said...

That is a yummy looking cake. How I wish that was sitting in my kitchen right now. Better yet...sitting in my mouth.

Good job getting yourself organized. Lists are great. We have lots of them in our family. Lists also seem to be my nemeses though as I never seem to mark through everything on them...and then I become depressed. argh. I wish you better fortune.

Penelope Crackers said...

Darn, couldn't even read your secret to happiness list. I even enlarged it because you asked me not to. :) Did I ever send you a link to that blog that is nothing but lists? Fun.