Saturday, January 19, 2008

bloody internet! it is supposed to be fixed for good now so i hope i can get on with daily posting. the post for today is going to be short and sweet-

aaaaand the winner IS........ Catherine!!!
Ho boy. She's gonna be excited.

It's in the mail Monday! Happy weekend everyone, and to those who are here in LA, I had a ton of fun at girls night last night - I'm so glad we did that!


Penelope Crackers said...

As Kendyl would put it... "Drarn it!" :) Hooray for Catherine though.

Glad you got to go on a date. Someone's gotta, right? :)

Catherine Hardy said...

Can I just say that I feel like a TOTAL loser!?!!! I mean, really!
How often do you ACTUALLY win something and then, the ONE time that I FINALLY do... I never go to check and see!!!!
So, anyway, thanks for the phone call, Kristen, to let me know that I won the drawing!

Catherine Hardy said...

By the way... I am TOTALLY looking forward to my "Christmas at the Mailbox!"