Saturday, January 19, 2008

we're just about to leave on a date and I didn't think I had time to post a
"How Do I Love Thee?"
But I realize that I do, after all.
Number 4:

i'm a smart person. tests have proven it. grades have proven it. but i don't seem to retain much besides useless trivia. and i end up having all kinds of questions. questions about who fought which war in what years. questions about scriptures and doctrines.

got a question? ask Craig. he knows. all of it. any of it. he'll have an answer. this has been a little frustrating to me as far as scriptoral/doctrinal questions go - - i mean, he's a convert! he's only been in the church 14 years. and he knows way more than me. it kills me. i love it. i have had friends come over with deep and serious questions for him, and they've always gone home with an answer that they understood.

he's like my oracle, or something. :)

i love it that i managed to marry a man that i thought was smarter than me. seriously, i kinda grew up "knowing" that boys were stupid and there was nothing anyone could do about it. it was just the sad, sorry state of mankind.

glad to have been proven wrong.

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