Monday, January 14, 2008

Alright. I realize that I'm heavy into the YouTube right now but bear with me.

This is why YouTube was invented. So this video could be made.

Also, the Masterpiece Theatre version of Persuasion was good, although if I didn't already know the story I think I may have been totally lost.

Lucky for me, I also got to see The Sarah Connor Chronicles, because it was on at 8.

I do realize that my focus on video entertainment is, perhaps, extreme. Sure. And this is why I don't have cable. I know my weaknesses.

But doncha think that this little obsession of mine is part of my endearing charm?

I thought so.


Gurgy said...

ok that video was a compilation of a series I assume, but was series was it?


Rika Silverpaw said...

Mom (gurgy) that would be the Fox series FireFly :D only THE best series out there, followed by the movie Serenity :D Steven and I have it downloaded on his computer, and will try and burn copies for you so you can see the awesomeness of them all :D also Fox has to hand over the reign on the series we are hoping that (scifi?) picks it up and continues where Fox had left off :D :D :D Sooo excited!

Penelope Crackers said...

I'm with gurgy. I didn't know any of those characters, but happy you love it. :) I kept seeing Kevin Baccon dancing in Footloose because of the music that the montage was set to. When ever I hear that song I see Kevin dancing all over that empty factory with his shirt off. :) hehehe