Friday, January 25, 2008

THIS LINK will take you to a cute sheep design for a shirt by cafepress.

saw another that was really funny:

"I (heart)* sheep"

*as a friend


Kids are getting better. Honey and I are getting worse. Which leads me to:

How do I Love thee? #8
"I'm sick." he says, as he shuffles past me this evening.
"Tell me about it" I say.
He does.
"sounds bad" I say. "sounds like we have the same thing. Wish we didn't. Wish it was just you" I laughingly joke at him.
"Me too." he says.


Erin said...

See, if Rick had said "me too" I think he really would've meant me too as in ME, not him being sick for me. He's kind of a pansy when he's sick, I can always tell when he starts getting better cause he goes from whiny to grouchy. hee hee hee. I love that man!

Nanette said...

Cute sheep! I hope you all feel better soon! Goodness! Do you need chicken soup?

Gurgy said...

Sorry to hear that you are all sick kiddo. Hope you feel better soon. Also, I wanted to give my condolences for the death of your leader of your church. Many blessings on you.