Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Plenty of Fresh Fruit

now doesn't that look all Valentine's-y? And scrumptious? One thing I really do Love about Los Angeles is the constant opportunities to get fresh fruit.

there was an old man at the street corner selling today, and as we passed by I let Connor pick out a carton of strawberries. And I said thank you and we crossed the street. Then Fletcher burst into tears.

"What?!" "Honey, what's wrong?"

"I wanted to get some cherries!!"

So back I went.

As you prepare for Valentine's Day, think about leaving little notes of love and affection and gratitude for members of your family around the house. (Or you could take a page from Karalenn's book, and leave a pair of naughty underwear in your husbands briefcase; set up so that when he pulls out some necessary book for the day, the underwear come flying out with it)
(in front of everyone)
(oh yes she did)

How do I Love Thee? #10

Craig was home sick from work yesterday. he stayed in bed for most of the day, and then got up and moped around a bit and then sat down to wiggle his thumbs in front of the xbox. He insisted that I could do nothing for his relief, and that he just had to ride this one out.
By midafternoon I was going nuts. He was boring.
I couldn't do anything for him, and there was no good conversation happening, and so I abandoned him for a couple of hours, left him with the kids while I was running errands etc., and then came home to make a late dinner.
After which I totally ended up in horrible pain for the remainder of the evening, totally needing his help and consolation and keeping him up most of the night with my cough.
And then this morning, still sick, he gets up, gets connor ready for school, and sets fletch up so that he can amuse himself while I sleep in.
Even after a day of being sick and being treated like a loser by his wife, he still turned around and treated me like a queen.
I am grateful for him every day.


DailyFamily said...

Fresh fruit! How would it be??? Now if you want some BEEF we could help you out here.

Nanette said...

How much was the fruit? It always looks so good, but I figure it's too expensive. Yum!

Kristen said...

$6 total