Monday, January 14, 2008

So It's January 14, which means that Valentines Day is a month away, and being the Romantic that I am, I thought it would be fun to post something Valentines-y and Love-y every day for the next month - defined by me as a cute picture,a crafty link, a reason why I love my dear husband (which is going to be hard actually, he's just so awesome. how do I get specific?), and maybe even a cutsie lovey story about someone I know.

*Be prepared. Any story you have told me is fair game.*

So HERE'S A LINK. I didn't try very hard with this one but I've always liked the woven stuff.

And, Day One of "How Do I Love Thee":

My husband and I can have complete conversations made entirely of quotes from the Star Wars IV-VI trilogy. We do this often, to keep our tongues sharp and our imaginations honed. Or maybe because we're geeks. But he accepts and embraces my geek-dom, which no other guy in my life ever did. Which is why I married him. Or at least, it's the first reason.


corbeau said...

Oh man, I just wanted to post a comment about the negative evil score of Nanette and now I'm all bummed out about Single Awareness Day. Sigh, better start buying ice cream now.

Ooh! American Gladiators is on! Okay, I feel better. 8)

Gurgy said...

Single Awareness Day... *sigh* yeah I am up for that one! It is truly wonderful to see how the both of you have meshed and grown over the years...years... omg its been years am I getting old? Naw!


Rika Silverpaw said...

Steven and I are going to go out to dinner to the Olive Garden :) I have a $24 birthday gift card for there...and since we are going to go to Atlanta for a convention the 15th-17th as our Valentines vacation, I figured using the gift card for a special dinner on top of that would be perfect :) especially since it's our first Valentines day together as a couple ^_^

Gretchen said...

Whoa, I totally posted my last Singles Awareness Day comment before reading these comments--haha.
I'll know I've met the man I'm to marry when we re-enact the Han and Leia converation and kiss. (I happen to like nice men!)