Monday, October 13, 2008

we went to chinatown on saturday with mike

it was mostly unimpressive 
I guess I expected a constant celebration you know, dragon
dancers in the streets and people in traditional dress. 
apparently I read too many fantasy novels. 

and it wasn't very big. 
just a few blocks of one street, really. 
they sold most everything there,
a lot of it cheaply and in the fake variety.
but there was some beautiful furniture and boxes in one place. 
(next to the $3 shoes and $2 fake jade rings)
those cost a lot. 

but the boys got some fun stuff (a giant pikachu and a dragon messenger bag; guess who got what) and the guys got some cool pictures (it was reference for work)

and we ate at this very enjoyable Dim Sum place called Ocean Seafood, where they brought us little plates off of carts continuously until we basically shouted at them to stop. It was very yummy, and pretty fairly priced - especially since we had no idea how much anything cost until the end. 

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