Friday, October 10, 2008

this cute little boy and i have had some fun times this week. First:

"fletcher, come here please."
"yes mommy?"
"did you leave all these bite marks in my yoga block?"
"......yes. I did."
(now, I had just purchased these blocks, and they were not cheap, and I was prepared to fully punish him)
"why did you do that?"
"because... because I wanted to be crocodile."

so instead of saying "no games tomorrow" or "go to your room", I fully melted and gave him a hug and asked him to please not do that ever again.  he makes that face and then I am done for.

for a few days we misplaced his DS (that item of eternal entertainment) and thought we may have lost it forever.  while he and I were leaving Target one day we were talking about how it might be gone forever and because of his apparent distress I encouraged him to pray about it and maybe we would be able to find it after all.

in the car:  "i'm sorry mommy, i just said a prayer in the car without you." 
"that's okay honey. are you going to try to look for your DS at home?"
"yes. I think Jesus Christ knows where it is."
"well, maybe if you listen carefully he can help you find it."
so Fletcher thought for a minute and then named 3 places in the apartment that he thought he should look when we got home. two places were ones i had already looked and the third was a spot i had spent organizing on saturday, so I must confess my expectations were low. He grabbed the flashlight and set to work and in under 5 minutes, he was marching up to me with his DS in his hands and a huge grin on his face.  It was in the third spot. 

after i had spent the entire weekend tearing the place apart trying to find it.  
but of course, i had not thought to pray. 


Nanette said...

What a righteous little boy.
I love the two faces you posted.
Very opposite :)

Hannah said...

obviously you are doing something right, even if you think you should have a different timeline for things :). so, i've tagged you for randomness if you are interested (see my blog)

Gurgy said...

ROFL I love your stories!

Amber said...

Love it! What a great story.