Monday, October 13, 2008

tagged by Hannah.

this is the 4th photo in my 4th file - last autumn, when we went to Underwood Family Farms. This was the giant pyramid in the center of the corn maze. I told Connor to pose like the Cristo on Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro.  I keep hoping it wasn't sacrilegious...

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1. i love winnie the pooh. milne, disney, the old and new art, the stories. all of it. i still have a watch and a throw blanket given to me by an ex boyfriend because they have pooh on them. craig is kind enough not to be bitter. 

2. i break my toes a lot.  once at a dance, i was trodden on (my dad was bishop and made the guy give a talk in our ward as penance). but the rest of the times i simply wasn't paying attention to the foot-to-corner-of-wall distance.  luckily i have not broken any other bones. 

3. i hate to fly. when I was 14 my nana and i landed in Dulles through a thunderstorm and I thought it was awesome. since I had kids I'm pretty much deathly afraid of going up into the air. I feel bad for my fellow passengers who innocently picked a flight with the woman who is destined to crash to her death that day. the only thing that gives me comfort is that i'm pretty sure it's an irrational fear. 


4. i'm an aspiring writer. i "finished" a manuscript in '06 and have been putting off the editing process ever since. just started another one with craig last month. i've always wanted to be a writer (possibly because I love to read so much), but I kindof hate writing. the sitting-down-and-doing part is less fun than the imagining-while-washing-dishes part. 

5. i constantly get my left and right confused. no explanation needed.

6. i love to camp. camping at the beach or in the forest, hiking, fishing. Love it. I don't mind being dirty and I don't depend on a good night's sleep enough to make me cranky about sleeping on the ground. Food cooked over a fire pit tastes the best.  I really enjoy the outdoors. 
Connor recently informed me that; "Mom, I know you like to be in the forest and look at all the trees and stuff, but what I really like is to see houses going by. I think that maybe you are a forest person, and I am a city person."    I think I died a little that day.  ;)

mmmmm. so, I tag.. Karen, Erin, Kristen, Jen, Sharon, Nancy,  Maxine and Catherine



DailyFamily said...

Oh man! You need the den leader calling, not me! Where is the justice in the world?

Erin said...

Fine fine fine... just because it's you I promise to make time to do this. But not until after tomorrow "(I have a 5 page paper to write/start that's due by 4). Whoops....

Nanette said...

What a good sport you are!
I didn't know you were broken toe prone ;)

Gurgy said...

LOL I love reading your blogs, you crack me up! Also I enjoy seeing pictures of my great nephews... OMG great nephews...LOL

Love ya,

P.S. the gas prices/air prices (yes I know you hate to fly, but if you come out after the end of October you are kinda out of tornado season) are going down so I expect to see you all out to visit your nana soon!