Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday's List: 

wake up to helicopter hovering a half-mile away. check clock. curse helicopter. 

scoot over when oldest son comes to bedroom, wakened by cursed helicopter.

roll over and ask husband a question, which turns into long conversation, bringing him fully to cranky consciousness and prompting him to get up and be out the door for work 3 hours earlier than usual. 

inform boys that they are not going to school that day. mom doesn't feel like walking up the hill 3 times in this disgusting weather. celebrations ensue. (no, I don't have the least amount of guilt. sorry)

make strawberries and hot chocolate for breakfast. more celebrating.

technically, that's as far as I have gotten today.  but I have big plans for the rest of my thursday! I have to finish organizing the master bedroom, do a couple of loads of laundry, hem a pair of pants, cut out two costumes and a giant plant pattern, and pack for my secret weekend. (nope, sorry, it's a SECRET!) there are other bits tucked in there too - enough to keep me going for the whole day. I expect to feel very productive come dinner time. 

then there's book club tonight. Fun! yay! 

Happy Thursday, and happy Weekend! I'll be back Monday to post secret photos and secret fun stuff. 


Gurgy said...

There are just those days where you just don't feel like conforming to the rules.... you go girl!! lol Tell the boys I said to enjoy. Nicole would love to have me do that but here if she is absent I have to provide a doctors excuse or after 3 unexcused absences I get to go to jail... nice.

beautifuldey said...

How do you "make" strawberries? Have a great weekend!

Nancy H. said...

oooh, sounds secret! Have fun!

DailyFamily said...

Ooooh, do I know where you are going? I think you may have said in an email. :)

Erin said...

I didn't even know about this secret weekend... I'm so jealous. And what kind of horrid weather were you experiencing down there in sunny LA? Remember the Rocky Mts & real weather?