Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cake Balls.

because I have been motivated enough this week to do exactly two loads of laundry and nothing else, I once again give you a post that is in fact nothing more than a link to someone else's creativity.  If you haven't already heard of Pioneer Woman (well, then shame on you, the woman is a hysterical genius. I love her deeply) then now you get a LINK to her blog! (okay so the link is just to a single post on the cooking section of her blog, but whatever).  

since I've been so Christmas-post-y this week and since it isn't actually Halloween yet, I thought I'd give you a fun, yummy, and quick (sorta) Halloween food/craft.  Enjoy.  

If I can bring myself to get up off the bean bag,  I might even make some myself. 


Betsey's Blog said...

I am sooo making these for Christmas! Thanks for the idea!

Erin said...

You're killing me here... how 'bout we throw in some Valentine's Day crafts too? hee hee hee