Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The secret's OUT! 

Betsey and I flew to Utah on Friday to surprise Karalenn as a late 30th birthday present. You can see by her expression here how overjoyed and happy she was to see us...

we caught her in the middle of practice for the Stake talent show the next day. Her initial distress was over the amount of money we paid to come "just because I whined to you!" but we assured her our trip was nearly free. 
then she became re-distressed when she found out we were staying 3 nights at her house. ;)
After practice, we kidnapped her, picked up Angela (whose husband works with Kare's husband and who lives just a few miles away. they hadn't met yet), and went out for dinner and a movie. 
we made sure to have a camera, and then forgot to take ANY pictures. there is no proof that karalenn and angela have actually met...
Dinner was great. The movie was depressing. (costumes, though, yum!)

Betsey and I watched Kare's girls for a few hours on Saturday so she and Seth could have a date before the big show.  They did great! Everyone looked appropriately dead.

Betsey made us all t-shirts with a quote from Young Frankenstein. My bump is intimidated by their more believable bumps. (soon, baby, soon)

When Betsey and I flew home yesterday, the A380 was at LAX, having landed that morning. We drove by the runway to get a good look at it. We were silly enough to not get any pictures.

It was fun to see you Karalenn! Hope you had fun! The next time you turn 30, we'll plan something even better! :)


Pomona Noltes said...

You do such fun things! AND, I didn't know you are pregnant! Woo hoo!

Gurgy said...

LOL glad you had fun, I had heard that The Duchess was depressing, not sure if I will bother with it or not!

Love you,


Nanette said...

I LOVE the shirts! That Betsey is so clever!

Amber said...

I didn't know Betsey was pregnant. That's awesome. I love the shirts. Wish I would have had one when I was pregnant. I don't think I'll revisit it though.

Glad you had fun. What a great surprise!!!

Hot Chocolate said...

It was great fun! I'm so glad I got to meet Karalenn...finally!

Ya. I wasn't so fond of the movie but dinner was good (are the leftovers still in the trunk of the rental?!! sigh. grrrrr.) and the company was wonderful. You ladies are fabulous.

So good to see you girl. Say hello to your gang.

Penelope Crackers said...

Yah, you big nerds! I was so so shocked! For the record I was only scared that you were staying at my house because we didn't have any food- well good food. That was fixed the next day. :) I had so much fun with you two. Thanks again.