Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our church held the annual Trunk-or-Treat early this year; so Halloween for us was last night. This year's theme, as you know, was Super Mario Bros. 

the boys had a lot of fun, and naturally came home with too much loot:

the Burrows looked AWESOME this year! way to go Vera and Brett!

Craig's tail was a huge hit. People kept hugging  it:

our little family. 
apparently I overdid it last night and woke up this morning coughing and hacking. Craig declared me unable to go to church, so I've been sitting at home planning the rest of the years' holidays. It's almost Christmas!!!


Gretchen said...

I think this is the greatest family costume idea I've ever seen.
Also, I knew you'd like Graceling! I'm excited for her next book, even though it's not going to be out for a while.

DailyFamily said...

Cute, cute. But, hey! You don't even look pregnant. How is that fair?

the lunch lady said...

great costumes! you are a darling princess peach.

Maxine said...

Brilliant! Once again, you've managed to be completely awesome in your costume and trunk planning. And yes, I tried to hug the screen when I saw Craig's tail. Couldn't be helped.

Chris said...

Only one word will suffice. Awesome!

The Au Family said...

Lauren says, wow, she looks SO pretty! I love your family picture! You are so creative. My costumes are always store bought.

Sarah Smiles said...

I love the costumes.