Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Thanksgiving Countdown begins! 9 days left and a long list - So I'm taking baby steps. Today's List:

Toys: CHECK!

Don't worry, I didn't toss the arsenal. It's just amazing to me that 2 boys need 4 lightsabers and 10 swords. Eeesh.

Bleached the chairs that've been sitting on our balcony for months. (we'll need these for TG Dinner. 11 people!) CHECK!
Looks like I'll manage to keep the place picked up today too! CHECK!

Done steps 1 & 2 on the nightgown; shoulder seams and gathered neckline.

All of the elastic on this pattern is encased in bias tape - as are the raw inside seams at the armholes and bottom ruffle. I've never made anything before that had such attention to.... i dunno.....prettiness. It makes me happy. *grin*

and on a sidenote: 4 more pinecones collected this week.


Penelope Crackers said...

I actually thought your boys had more swords than that. I'm not kidding. Everytime we'd come over to play they were decapitating my girls with a new sword. When I married Seth he had (no joke) 4 pirate swords and one light saber. They came in handy for babysitting nieces and nephews, but they also broke most of them before our girls could play with them much. That's why Seth is always needing to buy more. :) It's amazing, a boy can get taller, but that doesn't mean he's grown up.

Nathan Lindsay said...

Look at you getting everything on your list accomplished plus sewing. I'm impressed. You can come to my place next.

Nathan Lindsay said...

hmmmm...that wasn't nathan....