Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Countdown, Day 2
got the empire elastic done on the nightgown. noticed that neckline elastic will need to be tightened, and armholes let out.

The List.
Enrichment shopping. CHECK. Went out at 7 a.m. and picked up materials for Cookie-Mix-Jars and bath salts. Lugged all the bags to the church. Hardly anyone showed up who signed up. Lugged it all back home.

Made the Fall Leaves Wreath. CHECK.

Taught Preschool. CHECK. "I is for igloo. And Ice Cream." Oh, yeah.

Made a TG tablecloth for the kids' table - my table won't fit all 11 of us. CHECK

Close up of tablecloth.
I am pathetically proud of myself for what I accomplished today. I had so much organizing and typing and printing to do for Enrichment tonight and I had to get dinner made early and then pick up dh from work before I could go - and I managed to go to Enrichment in a skirt and makeup instead of my sweaty cutoffs and star wars tee.

and my apartment is getting cleaner every day.

my secret? haven't touched a book for several days. and I've stayed away from the computer.

now? i'm going to bed.


Gurgy said...

You inspire me to do better at home myself sweetie!!

Amber said...

Wow!! Way to go Kristen. I'll have 12 people at my house for Thanksgiving too. Two of them will be kids though. But I'm in cleaning mode too. Wish I could make a totally cute tablecloth like you. I need to be more domestic. I guess I'll just go buy one.

Nanette said...

Yea!!! The wreath turned out sooo sooo cute! I love it! How do you accomplish so much! You are my hero!

Penelope Crackers said...

I'm prodigiously proud of you as well! Holy cow you put me to shame. So far today I've sat on my butt, read a Calvin and Hobbes Comic Book, played Insane Aquarium on the computer for about an hour, and talked with a friend who dropped by on a walk. So really it's time to get going, but I think I'll stay on the computer and leave more comments to all of your wonderfulness.