Friday, November 16, 2007

Late Post: Yesterday's List

Master bedroom: CHECK (thank goodness) no picture for you - it's clean but i'm an awful decorator and it's not worth the memory card space.
I did NOT get chair pads sewn; decided i was not GOING to sew them, and that my guests' bums on TG day can just be happy in plastic chairs.
Mailed my registration for Linda Ballard's quilt retreat in Weaverville in April (eeeeeee!)
Did no work on the nightgown.
What did I do all day? (because really, the MB wasnt' that bad)

I did this:

I went through magazines for HOURS yesterday! These are the ones i STILL have to go through. I think I threw away about 15 of them. Yikes.

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Erin said...

You rock Kris!!! I am so jealous of your productiveness. We are leaving for Thanksgiving in Boise (Chuck & Anne) on Sunday. Yippie!!!