Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A bit of Tuesday:

blogger is having some photo-upload-issues so this is all I can get for now. Above: that's as far as I got on my curtains yesterday. I feel that the messy heap of fabric correctly channels my end-of-day-ness. :) Evenings have been a bit gross for me this week and I can feel my production slipping a bit. Hopefully today I will be able to get-it-all-done for tomorrow.

Below: This one is for Catherine, who used to always complain when I cut Craig's hair that it was "just getting long enough". Well, it's longer now than it's ever been. (that's not his fist - it's Fletcher's, who insisted in being in the photo somehow) We were joking around one day about the things we needed to do - being exercize for both of us and a haircut for him, and he managed to declare that he won't cut his hair until he's lost the weight he wants to lose.

i keep sabotaging him because i'm enjoying the curls. :)


Amber said...

You're making NEW curtains on top of everything else. I'm so way behind. How do you have time for everything?

Erin said...

Sounds like nesting to me...I also notice that you're ignoring my little comments & that says something in & of itself. E-mail me, chicken.

Penelope Crackers said...

That picture of Craigers makes me laugh. I guess it's because I can see Fletcher in him in that pose. I just cut Seth's hair tonight. What a joyous experience- ya right. I hate to. I get so nervous everytime because the first time I ever cut his hair I stabbed his eye lid with my scissors. Amazing isn't it that he still insists on my cutting it? Maybe I'll come over there and wach Craigs hair off and poke out an eye at the same time.

Catherine Hardy said...

Thank you!