Friday, October 12, 2007

What have I gotten myself into?

that first little pinecone was so cute. but every day, those pinetrees drop more. I had to make rules. 1) no pitch. sticky pinecones not allowed
2) no completely closed pinecones
3) no broken pinecones.
We still find at least one every day. And can I just say that I think my street houses the only 3 pine trees within the Los Angeles city limits? Bugs, rocks, sticks, flowers: all have been abandoned in pursuit of a new pinecone to take home and glitter-fy.
Oh yeah - but Fletch is no longer interested in doing the glueing/glittering. It's Mommy's job now.

At this rate, by the time Christmas comes around we'll have close to 40 pinecones.


Hot Chocolate said...

That's funny. I was thinking along similar lines. How could they have all those pinecones living in the middle of LA and we have none and we live in the Rockies. Something is very wrong.

Love the craft. I should do something similar with my kids...if we ever find pinecones.

You practically have all your Christmas ornaments!!!

Amber said...

That's so fun that you are gonna be at Underwood this Saturday also. What time are you guys gonna be there? I'm sure we'll totally see each other if we're there the same time. It's not THAT big of a place.