Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We did our thanksgiving turkey late this year - but he's been up since Monday so at least we'll have a week of "grateful feathers" to make for him. Craig went for the turkey-in-the-headlights look this year.

This is my "garden". Which basically means that I had a few empty pots and wanted to fill them before companycame tomorrow. I bought bushes instead of flowers because I kill everything. My ficus tree is miraculously alive after spending all of spring and summer dying a slow and painful death. The other big pot hosts a mini rose bush (a gift after my car crash). Any mini-rose-bush-keeping-alive tips?

i'm afraid my pots are already too small for these....whatever they are. I love the pink and green verugated (sp?) leaves though.
Proves that pink and green DO look good together. Craig.

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