Monday, November 12, 2007

What We're Doing Today

After we dropped off dh at work this morning, me and the boys headed over to McLaughlin (the best autumn street in west l.a.) and picked up a bagfull of leaves. Now they are drying out a little and we'll make a wreath this afternoon. Yay! Fall at my house!
Yes I'll post pictures.
No I haven't finished my nightgown yet.
No I have not been writing much, stop asking!

Also, this was a momentous outing in that Connor and Fletcher both decided to change their names. Fletcher was walking along the sidewalk, talking on his hand/phone with friend Venom, and when he hung up he laughed and said, "He called me Thunder mom! So I guess that's my name now." and insisted that Connor and I refer to him as such.
Then Connor got all wistful and said that he wished he'd been named Max.
Max and Thunder it is.


Gurgy said...

So are they still Thunder and Max? let me know how to address the xmas pressie's from nana... rofl

Penelope Crackers said...

mmmm purdy leaves.

Catherine Hardy said...

MAX! I LOVE THAT NAME!!! I've been trying to talk Steve into naming one of our children Max since the beginning. Maybe Olivia will decide that her name should be max. Right now the nick names in our house are Jack (Noah) and Super David (Zachary). I'm jealous!