Friday, November 30, 2007


the apartment gets unavoidably messy when I have projects to work on.
dh grits his teeth and bears it. Mostly.

hoping to sell a couple of these tonight at our little Christmas bazaar. I've never sold anything that I made before. Hopefully that will change soon!


Penelope Crackers said...

KRISTEN! That is sooo cute. I'm thinking of you right now and wishing good luck for your first sell. Knock em dead.

Hannah said...

if i had a small child i would totally buy one from you.
hoping i can swing by tonight, but no promises with trying to finish finals. GOOD LUCK!

Kristen said...

so - it was totally dead tonight. crickets, people. I think a grand total of 3 people showed up.

But there were enough of us with booths to have some fun conversation and there were plenty of brownies. :)

Hannah said...

oh sadness. sorry that i didn't make it, just couldn't break away from paper writing... and i still have to finish 2 pages before i am allowed to go to bed, AAAUUGH!

Amber said...

Oh, that's sad for you Kristen. But I think you should post it on ebay. I bet it'd sell right away. Good luck. It's so cute.