Sunday, November 18, 2007

No pictures for this post:

Got my Fri/Sat lists done -

grocery shopping
shampoo carpets
cleaned out my fridge
re-organized our balcony


can i just say that I'm feeling pretty awesome about myself?

Craig and I had a hot date last night. I managed to totally ruin it by getting very-nearly-violently-ill in the middle of dinner. NOOO! We were at The Cheesecake Factory! So not fair!
But I'm better now and went to church and everything. We'll have to go back before the season is over so i can try the pumpkin pecan cheesecake.



Nanette said...

You are on a roll! Wow!

Gurgy said...

Something you want to tell your Aunti??

Penelope Crackers said...

I'm so so sorry you got sick at CHeesecake factory. Why can't you ever get sick in the middle of a seminar or church or something? WHy does it always have to be just before a date or in a movie or at Disneyland. humph.

Erin said...

Kris???? I think we need to chat.

boxpilot said...

mmmmm . . . pumpkin pecan pie cheese cake . . .mmmmm