Sunday, December 02, 2007

so we decided to take a stand against the impending holiday poundage. we decided that even though our entire family is coughing and miserable that craig and i would still exercize yesterday, and get going on this whole, "getting healthy" thing. (can i just say that things do NOT taste that good without salt?)
so i did this great thing, and i got out my standing pilates workout video while craig went to the gym last night, and i did all of the impossibly difficult exercizes and produced lots of sweat and thought that maybe working out so hard, for the first time in months, might even help me beat this cold/nausea/cough thing sooner.

and then i woke up this morning and cursed the day that standing (or any kind of, for that matter) pilates was EVER invented. my legs feel like they belong on the Human Torch, and my knees feel like they belong on a 130 year old woman with arthritis. my cough is grosser than it was yesterday and i have new symptoms that i will spare you the details of.

you're welcome.

it's a good thing i had this to make me feel better:

no better way to start a diet than to eat the better part of an entire pan of triple chocolate chunk brownies, eh?


Catherine Hardy said...

You're so funny! I totally know what you mean though. ANYTIME I get the idea that I want to lose some weight, invietably, the next action I take is to eat or drink something to thwart my desires to lose weight!

Amber said...

Ha. You're hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. You can't diet during December. It just doesn't work. Don't even try. Just start fresh with the new year.

Gurgy said...

Try powdered kelp or sea salt for flavoring sweetie, its all natural and helps to kick the salt habit... hehe.

Anonymous said...

We thoght of you in LA, but we were trying to get from Santa Barbara to Sahuarita in one day. It was a long drive, and we were trying to beat the traffic. Yuck. I dont'know how you guys deal with that congestion. I don't think I could ever got back.


Hot Chocolate said...

Thatta girl. No doubt those brownies will help you kick that cold...and help you burn calories...with all of that chewing.

beautifuldey said...

I've had ice cream every night this week...comfort food. Every day I say no, and then after baby is in bed I say to myself "I think I earned a bowl of chocolate!"