Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year's weekend saw us taking our first family vacation that was not 1) to see someone in particular or 2) to do something in particular. We went up to Lake Arrowhead to Rest and Relax with the Thomsons and it was SO NICE!! So. Nice. 

Craig talked a lot about moving out of the city and up into the mountains while we were there...

The boys went sledding for the first time, even though there wasn't much snow left on the ground. There was a pretty good patch left over from an old sled run right down the hill from our "chalet". 
We watched tons of movies, and ate tons of junk food (we were all stocking up on junk since we are all determined to get healthier this year).

Van had fun discovering how to climb stairs, and exploring the cabin. The snow? He didn't like so much. 


Staci said... sounds like a great trip. I think you guys did it right, go out of town after Christmas. I may copy!

Gurgy said...

Nice idea, I was wanting to get away lol. But we had company all through the holidays. The house seems so quiet now...