Thursday, January 07, 2010

I started a 6 week online photography course yesterday (from this lady) and I had to go and get this book just so I could complete the first lesson: 

I'm excited to get going but after a good hour of reading I had to take a break. 

step one: apron
step 2: recipe

step 3: Yum. 
yes the cream cheese frosting is all messy on my pumpkin bars. Did you really think I would actually bother to let it cool first? No. 


Staci said...

Aren't you adorable with your self improvement and baking!

Gurgy said...

lol you are so funny!

corbeau said...

Wow, that looks delicious! Low carb is hard, I'm just cutting out sweets and working out more. I don't have a neti pot,its more like just a giant squirt bottle.

Catherine said...

So, at first I was like, "Ummm.... what the heck!!!" And then I remembered that you were still nursing Vander.