Saturday, January 30, 2010

the boys and I went to the beach today. daddy is going to be working saturdays for the next several weeks so we're trying to keep busy. 

it wasn't really warm, but it was warm enough, and the surf was big and exciting.  the baby was very annoyed with me for keeping him from crawling headlong into the sea.

it's almost February! One month down, Christmas is around the corner! 


Staci said...

It's so true about time going by fast.

I am so sorry that Craig is working Saturdays! That's tough.

It was so funny that I ended up behind you tonight on Venice Blvd. I saw a child's head in the middle back seat, and I thought, "Is that them?". Then I saw you turn and got a good look at your profile, and I knew it was the happy Van Dyke's out for a family outing.

Good news FINALLY got my eyebrows done, you probably won't recognize me.

Gurgy said...

Ahh ruin his fun mom!! Glad to see you guys got out and had some fun though.

corbeau said...

I'm so jealous. We got 5 inches of snow. In freaking VIRGINIA! As one of my coworkers so elegantly put it, "This kind of crap is not supposed to happen in the South."

Nanette said...

just shut up about the beach ok *sniff* *sniff*

Just kidding!! (kind of)
What are you getting me for Christmas?!
I'm so impressed that you'e started so soon and counting down the days even! ")

Catherine said...

I'm with that last guy's comment. Nailed it.

(unless, of course, it was something crass and then I'm totally offended that he (or she) would say something like that to my good friend, Kristen!)