Saturday, February 28, 2009

Played hooky from bed rest last night to go to my baby shower.  Many gushing thanks to the wonderful friends who put it on and those who came to help celebrate.

Betsey made an awesome diaper cake complete with accessories for our Winnie the Pooh crib. 

It was really nice to have sister Nancy there. The first time family has been able to be at a shower with me. She'll probably be here when we bless the baby, too - which will also be a first for my side of the family.  We've always lived so far away!


Gurgy said...

I am glad that Nancy was able to be there, it is hard when you are far from your family at times.

Goldthorpe Family! said...

Looks like playing hookie pays off! :o)

Nanette said...

wish I was there
*sniff* :(
Miss you!

Allie Thornbrue said...

Bed rest is the pits. Hang in there. Are you home schooling again?