Thursday, February 19, 2009

the new normal.

last week we went to long beach so connor and fletcher could take a lagoon class that is offered once a month for homeschool kids.  they got magnifiers and binoculars and then the teacher (whose name I have forgotten and whose awesomeness I never will) asked the kids what they wanted to do. 
"go across the bridge" yells fletcher.
"okay! we'll go across the bridge!" 
"study birds through the binoculars" yells connor
"great idea! we'll do that too!" 

and on it went until everyone was satisfied, and then off they went to explore. Nancy went with them across the bridge since fletcher does not swim and there were no rails on part of it. (thanks, kiddo) 

so far, I am very pleased with our decision to homeschool connor.   this week he has been studying ancient greece, the maya and aztec civilizations and the human bone system. besides the math and spelling and composition he has each day.  and he's having fun! it's not taking us as long as his 6 hour school day, and he has no homework. 

AND this is where I express my undying gratitude to Staci, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STACI!!) for hooking me up with other homeschool moms in the area, telling me about all the park days and fun classes going on, and putting up with me while I cancel plans over and over because of rain and sickness. I have really, really appreciated it. 

the one drawback has been that I forgot how quiet the apartment was for those 6 hours.... but fletcher is certainly happier to have his brother home when he gets back from preschool. because apparently I was terribly boring.


Pomona Noltes said...

Sounds like you're doing great, Kristen. Wish I had your patience! Tell Nancy hi for me!

henryteachers said...

So great you can connect with other homeschoolers. Glad to hear it is going well.

Kristen and Ryan said...

Sounds like there are great programs in your area!

Nanette said...

I'm so glad it's working out!!

Gurgy said...

Good to know that he is doing so much better! And I am glad that Nancy is there to help you out!

Staci said...

We are so glad you guys are available to have adventures with! I am glad it's working out well.